Superior Service

FAST: UHC knows the value of time in agriculture. We fill orders with shorter lead times than anyone else. Our dealers do not have to place orders or commit to payments far in advance or endure long wait times to get their equipment.
FLEXIBLE: Our shorter lead-time gives our dealers the ability to order and take delivery of a reel just a few weeks before harvest to accommodate late harvest orders. UHC dealers also enjoy a flexible payment schedule designed to work with their individual cash flows.
CAPABLE: UHC’s experienced, professional technicians have the expertise to handle service issues in the field. Whether a UHC customer needs support, answers or just advice, he is never alone. We go the extra mile.
PERSONAL: As a small manufacturer, UHC delivers service others cannot. Whether a farmer needs set-up assistance, help adapting equipment to out-of-production machines or any other form of technical assistance, we handle it personally.