Reel Features / Real Value

All reel features listed below are exclusive to UHC reels.

One piece “teardrop” shaped reel bats anodized black

Minimizes number of individual parts and connections, maximizes strength and overall rigidity of reel.
Handles crop more gently, reduces shatter
Improves reduction of light
More reliability
More profits in the grain tank
Safety and vision improvement

8″ center tube for reel sizes to 26′ and 10″ center tube for 27′-36′ reel sizes

More rigidity, less center sag
Permits closer settings
More uniform cutter/bar/tine clearance across entire header
Better feeding in difficult …

Minimum Reel bats and square tubular spiders

Advantage:  Rigid assembly from lightweight material
Benefits:  Less demand on reel lift and hydraulic drive systems

Unmatched operator visibility

Advantages:  Enhances operator’s vision
Benefits:  Reduces chances of damage to reel

Gusset joint construction

Advantages:  Increased Strength
Benefit:  More reliability – 170 degree flip-over bat action

Advantages:  Reduces wrapping on reel bats and spiders
Benefits:  Less downtime spent on removing tangled material

Replaceable sealed ball

Advantages:   No lubrication required
Benefits:  Less time spent on routine maintenace

Optional plastic delrin tines

Advantages:  Tough, lightweight
Benefits:  Will not damge cutter bar

Optional wire tines

Advantage:  Rigid, interchangeable
Benefits:  Available for certain crop cutter bars

Improved heat-treated cast steel cam ring and double row

Advantages:  More durability
Benefits:  Less time spent on repairs and maintenance